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Une écoute atmosphérique des milieux de vie / An atmospheric attunement to lifeworlds




This proposal falls primarily within the scope of Theme 2 "What can we learn from listening to the coming world?" and also potentially of Theme 4 "Different sounds different listenings through forms and rhythms of life". The aim is to explore what could be an atmospheric attunement to lifeworlds. Irreducible to a posture of landscape, environmental or musical listening, atmospheric attunement consists in making oneself sensitive to the resonances and significance, the tonalities and sonorities, the forms of tuning, and modes of the insistence of lifeworlds. It involves listening in the order of floating and distraction and gives existence to the diffuse, precarious, and discreet efficiency of the world of sound. Based on a few sound situations resulting from fieldwork, the aim is to understand how listening maintains a fundamental relationship of vulnerability to the world. In a way, it is a question of experimenting with a new regime of attention that opens up to the powers of life and reveals what really matters. Atmospheric attunement is a proposal that is placed under the sign of the Phonocene.



Jean-Paul Thibaud, sociologist, is CNRS senior researcher at Cresson – Research Center on Sonic Space and the Urban Environment, UMR Ambiances Architectures Urbanités. His field of research covers the theory of urban ambiances, ordinary perception in the urban environment, sensory culture and ethnography of public places, anthropology of sounds, qualitative in situ methodology, and sensitivities to lifeworlds. He has directed the CRESSON research lab and has founded the International Ambiances Network. Jean-Paul Thibaud has published numerous papers on urban ambiances and has co-edited several books on this field of research: His latest book: En quête d’ambiances. Eprouver la ville en passant (Genève, MétisPresses, 2015).