Chris A. WRIGHT | GB |








Un-place Let us not listen or strain to hear the tiniest sound. Instead, let sounds wander into our consciousness and take with them our imagination. Let our imagination translate how the sound flows over us and travels with us to somewhere that is not placed. Un-place aims to explore the ambient sound that is not listened to but instead enters our ears unbidden. Whilst listening enhances our relationship to place, the act, or not-act, of hearing, creates a space of possibility, an un-place where past experiences merge to become the imaginative future. Our relationship with listening overwhelms, it becomes a space that is placed. By not listening, but hearing, we merge ourselves into the space of time that belongs to no-one, to no-where. It could, at its simplest be the time between wake and sleep, where sounds are heard but float within the subconscious mind as a littoral zone between consciousness and sub-consciousness. These ideas of un-place will be developed through notions of perception and imagination linking them to heterotopic spaces. Within this, I will also attempt to explore the idea of imaginative space through the creation of a humming ‘choir’ which becomes ‘community’ through collective action.





2020 Sonic Tapestry, Derbyshire (Sound Trail/ exhibition) She’d 1 and 2 Artcore Gallery, Derby Slow Flow Oneminutefilms 2019 Winter Narratives, India (residency) Encountering/It is as it was, InDialogue, Lincoln (installation/paper) Fold/Unfold, FKL Italy Summer Lodge Residency, Nottingham Trent University Resonation#1 & #2, Alchemies of Research, Birmingham (sound performance) Listening to Urban Space, EVA conference, London (paper/publication) Wording in Convocations, Helsinki and Venice (site-specific writing) Small Talk in OneMinute Films, Salto TV, The Netherlands (film) Territory at Platforms, Athens (sound/video) Sonic Site II - cello (Sharman-Dunn) and clarinet (Wright) (project) 2018 Samantha’s & It was in where-how’s, The Hole, New York (photograph) Sur et Sous, Grenier a Sel, Honfleur (sound installation) Dialogues Honfleur (performance with Louise Garland) Auditour, HMS, Nottingham (installation) Creative Confessional with Louise Garland, Nottingham (live art) Tenuto, Birmingham School of Art. (participatory sound) Ergh mmm & Estuary English Birmingham City Gallery (Sound installation/drawing) Inside Outside, Thresholds: an adjacent possible Liverpool (installation) Small Talk Oneminutefilms Wales 2017 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre Contemporary Art Research, Birmingham Art School Encountering/It is as it was Sardinia (installation) In The Hole residency, Saskatoon, Canada Not The Hole Story at Losing Ground Conference, Warwick University