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RADIOS APPEAR: Radios Landscape The project I propose to the commission, is titled Radios Appear Is a sound installation consisting of 200 radios Here, I shall briefly try and explain the way in which this community exists as a collective, as reality, and how the single units concur in giving life and form to this reality. Each radio is tuned on a different station, transmitting on local FM. Automatically, this means that, as a whole, the devices reproduce the entire sound produced by the FM band in real-time. Thus, we have the entire FM sound of a given geographical space simultaneously exposed. This sound mass - so heterogeneous - is modulated by setting the volume of each radio barely above the audible level. The sound of the installation acquires texture thanks to the number of subjects acting simultaneously: it is the criteria of the critical mass I have already expounded above. The low volume of the devices – almost muted – allows Radios Appear to build an ethereal and panoramic sound flux – very lyrical – not noisy as one could anticipate in the presence of a simultaneous exposure to such a quantity of sound frequencies. A sort of tapestry which explicitates itself with a distant, formless song, within which the figure/background principle completely disappears, losing all references, every necessity for assertiveness, every pretense at leading. Here, every attempt to make hierarchic elements, individualities, emerge is immediately reabsorbed within the multitude and the impersonal as the sum of all the personals.



Jimmy G. Gelli. Born in Firenze 15/11/1962 - Accademia delle Belle Arti Firenze - parallel musical training - Collaborator, producer, musician, label Burp Sonic Invention - Musician, Jelaosy Party, Discogirotto - Plagiarist Collettive Ready Made, Discogirotto - Sound designer for museum/ exhibition, “Napoli la città e il mare” Museo Archeologico Napoli Collaboration with BFA architecture - Acustic street environment research, Radios Appear, Psicogeografia Acustica - Producer radio plays, “Un certo titolo” L Sciascia- Festival Santarcangelo, “Le centuire” Manganelli- CdE, - collaboration with M. Conti, Lucia Amara - Radio Conductor , Controradio, Novaradio - Camera di Espansione sound installation, Museo Arte Contemporanea L Pecci Prato - Compositore per balletto, Balletto di Toscana, Kinkaleri, Cristina Rizzo - Diapo Collettive - Pattex project - Web riot Approach - Dj in Audiophobic Sound System, Supermood, Discogirotto Radios Bio - Zone Firenze 2014 - Facoltà di Lettere Università di Firenze 2018 - FKL Simposium 2018 Vigevano