In a Queer Time and Space


In a Queer Time and Space is a collection of sound works-in-progress that assembles voices, places, memories, and acoustic abstractions while grappling with the impermanence and fluidity of queer geographies. It engages with space through and beyond the resonances and reverberations of architectures, foregrounding the stories, sounds, and relations that forge queer-feminist social and political space. Conversations with members of London’s queer community were played and re-recorded into the cavernous buildings of an operational cement factory-cum-art center in East Germany, taking on the resonant and reverberant layers of the industrial architecture. This occurred during a sound arts residency for women and LGBTQI people during which, these and many other recordings were made using surround and extended techniques, recording the walls and surfaces of the cement factory, art centre, as well as the queer collective living and creative activities being produced. The listener experiences articulations of queer space and time through the work’s playback in a 360 degree 3D diffusion using ambisonic technology.


Sherry Ostapovitch is a sound artist, sound engineer and educator based in Tkaronto, Canada whose work incorporates field recordings and multi-channel sound installations. Previous work includes They’d Pass Through London Fields, a site-specific work composed for Kaffe Matthews’ sonic bicycles examining gentrification, community and loss in Hackney. Sherry received a master’s degree in music from Goldsmiths, University of London and is currently undertaking a PhD in Social Justice Education at the University of Toronto. Research commitments include: listening, sonic pedagogy, sonic geographies, popular education, and practices of decolonization.