Horror vacui


Sound as direct experience - sound universal and immediate consciousness - sound is - as we are - present in the present time - simultaneously with ourselves - an object in spacetime Title -Horror vacui (26’ on endless repeat) - Location of installation Horror vacui: Corbeille Nord EdP Guidelines for the setup of this installation: - Location of installation Horror vacui: Corbeille Nord EdP so that it blends with the natural sounds of the hall as the sounds of fire in a fireplace or outside noises Volume is low enough to mix with the existing sounds but high enough to be able to hear the full (complex) range of the soundscape - as equal as a possible high pitch to low- So that it is not clear to the passer-by which sounds are the installation and which are the natural ambient sounds could be. stereo boxes far apart and not directly visible (if possible!) each HP left and right should be installed so that they point in the opposite direction so that the sound is spread throughout the hall and not directly projected.


Willy Van Buggenhout °16/04/1954 Studied electronic music in Brussels: André Stordeur (studio synthé) and Peter Beyls (Luca). Nearly half a century analog group improviser EMS Synthi AKS (1970), analog and digital compositions. Recent work: -"Chrono-chrome" for electronics (2020 Tielt Belgium) -'Dark Hz' for Soprano and 56 oscillators (Ghent -Evergem Antenna fest.2020) -“Harlow or The Nature of Love", for Sprechstimme, Sopraan and Electronics (minimal multimedia music theatre -Brussels 2019) "Container choir” 2019 Distilleria De Giorgi San Cesario di Lecce (LE), Italia Clockstop Fest 2015, 2016 Noci, 2017, 2018 Fasano -Italia Entrakt BOZAR Brussel October 2016