Marianne VILLIÈRE | FR |




Alouette, gentille alouette




The installation is a performance situated within the framework of the Symposium talks; this artwork refers to a performative project: I post myself with a microphone but instead of speaking the songs of birds that have disappeared from Metropolitan France will be broadcast. My goal is to generate a moment of surprise and a kind of poetic interlude within the framework of classic discussions/conferences. It is a question of drawing attention in the context of a Symposium on something other than the human way _ but embodied by it (and by its silence in particular). This is a performance (but the category does not exist ...) This work/performance refers to a (collective) sound walk of 1 hour in urban public space, Nancy, France having taken place in 2019. During this event, a fanfare broadcasts the sounds of birds that have disappeared from mainland France instead of playing their instruments (brass). The second sound piece is made up of song recordings of endangered or endangered birds - such as the skylark. This "incredible" fanfare diffuses a lost musicality, a sweet alert.




Education 2014 – Research-based Masters, Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD), Switzerland Graduated with honors Thesis: Hiatus, un regard sur les micro-pratiques urbaines comme pratiques de liberté [Hiatus: An examination of urban micro-practices as exercises in freedom] (in French) 2012 – Masters, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art et Design (ENSA), Nancy, France Graduated with honors Thesis: Articulations d’espace [Articulations of space] Winner of the 2014 Gianni Motti Prize Group Exhibitions Il y a, sound installation (with Paul Heintz), exhibition: Brouhaha, Galerie du Granit, Belfort, France, Septembre 2017. Curator: Mickaël Roy Les animaux sauvages, installation/performance, exhibition: Jet Lag/Out of Sync, Young Creators Triennial, June–August 2017. Curator: Anouk Wies C’est qui lui ?, website (with Paul Heintz and Fabien Zocco), exhibition: Generosity, XPO Gallery, Paris, September 2016. Curator: Point Contemporain Four musical, sound installation, Caravane Tighmert Residency/Festival, Morocco, July 2016. Curators: Mohamed Arejdal, Carlos Perez Marin Devenir Mime, installation/performance, exhibition: Emergency, Fonderie Kügler, Geneva, October 2014. Curators: Chiara Bertini, Elise Girardot and Maria Adelaida Samper (Emergency collective) La dame du tram, radio reading, La Reliure, Geneva, May 2014. Curator: Alexandra Roger