Crossing the forest that crosses me


The project is set up as a study and a cross-domain sound installation. Every day and in every space, we are traversed by flows of electromagnetic waves, and in turn, we continuously cross electromagnetic fields of varying nature and intensity. In a certain sense, we live an experience of crossing a forest of signals while the same signals hit and traverse us. We are facing a senses-less landscape (invisible, inaudible, odorless, tasteless, intangible) in most cases. The project aims to sonificate this reciprocal crossing and the mobility of data associated with electromagnetic field variations. The sound installation will be based on transforming these data into sound events using some sound synthesis algorithms appropriately programmed and modulated by the behavior of the very same data. The process described thus far is of a unidirectional and inter-domain in type because there is a passage from the analysis that occurs in the domain of the electromagnetic field to sonification, therefore re-introducing actuators in the acoustic field. We intend to develop bidirectionality in the process, thereby also creating the inverse path; from the acoustic data derived from intensity and spectrum analysis to the production (through relative actuators) of suitably re-modulated electromagnetic waves. The bidirectional path, where the output influences the input of the process, creates an actual informational circle that is in continual transformation and generating new signals until the process terminates, thereby giving rise to autonomous and autogenerated behaviors. Such a process, typical of homeostatic machines, of autopoietic relations, and of audible ecosystems (Ecosistemi Udibili by A.Di Scipio (2000-2005)) to date have mainly been developed in single domain circumstances, acoustic one in the case of Di Scipio (cfr. Sound is the interface, (2003)), In our case we will attempt to develop the circularity between distinct domains. Moreover, the installation, through the automation of sonification auto fade in/out, and the relative pseudo-silences that derive from it, intends to highlight the aspects of the absence of sensory perception, though constantly present, of the unconscious dimension of our corporeal experience, and therefore of a landscape that is alive and changing beyond our senses.



Stefano Zorzanello, sound designer and sound artivist, scholar, instrumentalist, composer, game inventor, has been president of FKL since 2013. He does not have any facebook and whatsapp accounts.