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The châteaux of the Loire are made up of three elements, limestone, slate and oak. These same three elements constitute these blackboards of the classrooms and research rooms of the last century, the chalk acting as stone. The proposal consists in producing a lesson-performance-concert on a few diagram practices in all fields of knowledge, between art, music, mathematics, physics by sounding the chalk lines on the back of the board using sensors. The sensors are linked to effect tables. All production is financed by the artist, including the sound system.


Thierry Mouillé, develops since 1988, a multidimensional work under the generic term of the moving foundation. Several museums have already devoted important monographs to him, in France and abroad. Former laureate of the Académie de France in Rome, Villa Médicis, he currently directs the laboratory of intutitions, an art research unit, and coordinates the master sculpture at the TALM-Tours Higher School of Art and Design. He lives and works in Paris and Tours, and is represented by the Claudine Papillon gallery, Paris. Biography:é&navlang=fr Interview –TM // http: //