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Tales from Home




'Tales from Home' is an ongoing series of sonic explorations of the artist pertaining to the act of listening at her home. The work was initiated during the covid 19 lockdown in India. With the new normal being defined by isolating oneself at home, this series depicts the constant flux of myriad emotions of the artist through the compositions. The act of listening is not just an external journey, it is also an inner one. The compositions traverse through fear, fantasy, frustration, imagination, and reality of the uncertain times - all arising from the confines of her bedroom. Note from the artist: Living in India, I am very much aware of my privilege of having a safe house and access to resources in pandemic times. For a long time, I felt guilty to record and document sounds around me, because the act of it seemed trivial compared to the dispossession of countless migrant laborers and their families during the lockdown. I started this series as a personal quest, to make sense of the dystopian world around from the fragments of the soundscape of everyday life. As I complete a decade in my journey of learning how to listen, sound-making and researching, my different sensibilities as an artist, a professional and a woman in search of meaning, find a convergence here.



Moumita Roy is an award-winning sound designer and media artist primarily focussing on sound-related art practices. Her works are inspired by different art forms and combine divergent methods such as filmmaking, field recording, listening awareness and exploring sound in context. She holds a Masterʼs degree in Sound in New Media (Aalto University), Finland and a PG Diploma in Cinema with specialization in Audiography from Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, India.