Sound Chocolates is a game explicitly inspired by the Italian tradition of “Baci Perugina”. The idea is to give participants a number of chocolates in wrapping to which is attached a small sound gadget: a dog-training clicker, a miniature trumpet, a mini-monochord. In the wrapping, there is a quote or saying on the theme of playing sound and/or listening, and some simple instructions on how, where, and when to play the gadget that came with the chocolate. This game is designed to create a fun sound creating moment, with the idea of provoking thought on the possibility of sound creation with small objects and of granular multiplication and its resulting impact. It could be played during coffee breaks or any other suitable time. Any reference to the famous Zeno's paradox on the sound of a grain of millet is absolutely not coincidental.


Stefano Zorzanello, sound designer and sound artivist, scholar, instrumentalist, composer, games inventor, has been president of FKL since 2013. He has no account on the facebook and whatsapp.