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Radical Listening as Climate Action


When I read the call for proposals for this event, I was impressed by it’s radicality, notably the idea of investigating ‘un-thoughts, un-knowns and the unexplored’. This is in line with the massive ‘rethink of everything’ that I believe is required to address the climate and ecological emergencies.  I proposed a short presentation on two inter-related topics that I think respond to some of the themes and questions raised in Unheard Landscapes:


1. Music as Acoustic Ecology

This idea that was raised at a workshop about Reality, Extinction, Grief and Art that I gave on April 23, 2021 at the BEAST FeAST 2021: Recalibration festival in the UK. I will explore how the arts could become the foundation of an ecological civilization.


2.Radical Listening as Climate Action

I am working on this topic for the 3rd season of my conscient podcast (about art and the ecological crisis) and with colleagues in the newly formed Sectoral Climate Art Leadership for the Emergency (SCALE) organization in Canada. I will explore the influence of indigenous culture on my thinking and how slowing down, despite the urgency of the climate crisis, is a path towards climate action.



Claude Schryer (1959, Ottawa) is a Franco Ontarian sound and media artist, arts administrator, facilitator and cultural worker. 1979 to 1999: MM composition McGill U, interdisciplinary work, environmental art and acoustic ecology. 2000 to 2020: manager of Inter-Arts Office and senior strategic advisor at Canada Council for the Arts. He is currently producer of the conscient podcast (arts + ecological crisis) and is a member of the coordination circle of SCALE, the Sectoral Climate Art Leadership for the Emergency. Claude also and practices zen.