small screen of approx. 2:1 format, able to view two square images side by side.

{date: 210607, group: p1}

optical convex lenses. the ones here are convex-convex with 50mm diameter and focal length of 100mm. In order to attach them to glass pane, we need planar-convex ones, and the dioptre has too be smaller in order to be able to move the lenses further away from the screen. The current ones have too large magnification which means it's still difficult for the eyes to align left and right image (it works when making the two images smaller). I am waiting now for lenses with 63.8mm diametre (essentially the inter-eye spacing of an average person) at f = 181mm.

{date: 210608, group: p2}

close-up through one lens. The tape is blocking the sight, in the installation the planar lenses will be glued to the front window of Reagenz. Also, stereo image is obviously not reproduced in this photo.

{date: 210608, group: p3}

while still waiting for the large lenses, I got a beautiful stereo apparatus, where the lenses can be moved on a rail, and their distance can be adjusted. Here is another monocular shot through the thick window of Reagenz West. With the right adjustments, it is possible for passersby on the street to get good stereo vision.

{date: 210610, group: p4}

nature artifice


(varnishing table, old forge Eisenerz 2016)

(lichen, collected 2021)

someone gave me this interesting link on landscape markers. {date: 210408}

Liza Lim: contact noise (in her perspective quite literally as between instrument and performer – but this could be radically expanded). {date: 210408}

Lourdes Peñaranda: Periferia estereoscópica. {date: 221205}