Forla Federico

Sn. 3029549


Master Oboe


Main subject theachers:

Karel Schoofs

Alexei Ogrintchouk


Research supervisor:

Wouter Verschuren


Circle leader:

Herman Jeurissen

Royal Conservatoire

Den Haag


07 May 2016



Research Paper



7 April 2016

10:15-11:15 - Studio 1







Performing the “Group of the Six”






Which are the common aesthetic aspects found in the Group of the Six?

How can one exemplify it in the performance?























  1. The Group of the Six – Short overview of the history of the group



  2. Aesthetic – Sources and influences of a New French Style



  3. Reflection of Aesthetic in the compositions



  4. Case-study



  1. Conclusions



  2. Bibliography



  1. Appendix













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