Artistic Practice Kiana Dekkers


My artistic practice comes from the fascination to create a world that distracts us from our minds. It comes from when I was walking, my gaze was focussed to the ground while I was on a life time experience in Norway and the northern light was shining above me. This immersive experience opened my eyes that I was not aware of my surroundings, that there was a lot I was missing walking this way, covered up with a blanket of music supporting me to hide deeper in my own private cocoon. The light is a good example of an experience that reconnects you with the place you are, it’s a distraction, a form of entertainment and a kind of embodiment I seek for. So while I’m confessing that I’m often to much in my head and not able to let go, I notice that many people look as numbed as I am sometimes.. So i'm wondering about 'How can scenography interrupt your everyday life, in situations where you stay suprised?".