AKB Trio

Due to geographical distances between the members of The End, we cannot play together as often as we would want. Consequently, the Norwegian part of the group, consisting of guitar player Anders Hana, drummer Børge Fjordheim, and myself, occasionally meet to explore the trio format and hence build experiences and musical material which also benefit The End.


The trio’s music develops from Anders’ rhythmic ideas and riffs. Their static qualities leave me with vast freedom to explore the electrophonic saxophone without being confined by rapid changes or complex song structures. Our repetitive voices in the polyphony often have individual time signatures or durations, similar to Luc Ferrari's Tautologos method: “The superimposition of several phenomena of varying lengths which, through continuous repetition, meet in constantly renewed configurations”1  The riffs would make the music monotonous if we looped them in repeated synchronization, but due to their varying lengths, they change the relation to each other continuously. This provides me with an improvisatory foundation that has a movement in the construction itself and facilitates extended explorations of the different effect pedal configurations.

Concert performed at RIMI/IMIR Scenekunst, Stavanger on Sept 21, 2019.