Cecilia has always sought opportunities to facilitate other artists. She thinks there is a fantastic strength in curating others' visions come to life both creatively and practically, and is always looking for opportunties to refine her interest in artistic programming and producing. 


2021 Independent Researcher Translating Atmosphere

2020 Master of Arts in Scenography Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, Netherlands.

2014 Bachelor of Cinema Studies University of Oregon, USA


2014 Bachelor of Dance University of Oregon, USA

- Lotta Carl Scholarship, Awarded September 2011. 

- Outstanding Undergraduate Dance Major, Awarded May 2014 .  

- University of Oregon Repertory Dance Company 2012 and 2013 2007-2018. 

- Student Board: Finance Director 




Cecilia Berghäll



JAN 2021 CHANGE CHANCE, Pastoe Fabrik, HKU. 

performer/sceographer for change of Direcor MA Sceography.

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Cecilia is an interdisciplinary artist focused in the fields of scenography/design, cinema, and performance. She uses her intuition and experience to create work focusing on the transience and fragility of time and location – often working with paper, light, performative time, and natural elements. Cecilia is inspired by the aesthetics and construction of Atmospheres, as well as evidence of the artist being present in her work. 

“It is my belief as a researcher that aesthetics, motion, and materials are the key ingredients to composing an atmosphere with a collective emotive state. As a Scenographer, Dancer, and Film Analyst I am hyper-curious about researching and exploring how these ingredients have been and can be used. The research I find a lot of inspiration from film because my awe in it began as a child so I can feel the atmosphere can be felt. Since my undergraduate I have been curious about how to make dance look as it feels. I use that past to question how make an atmosphere I can stand in and share. The theory, the exploration of material and aesthetics is Translating. The process between recognising that tinge of a feeling and constructing it. We can translate a sentence into another language, but how do we translate a mood into a material?”



MAY 2021 SPRING ACADEMY GARDEN, Het Huis Utrecht. 


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JUNE 2020 6094 folds Het Huis, Utrecht.

Practical work for final thesis Master of Scenography


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