What is a Reef of Art? A diverse community of organisms, that support, protect and complement each other. A floating isle of colors, shapes and whispers of wonder. A fragile family threatened by pollution, isolation and neglect, that needs your urgent care. The exhibition Reef of Art: from deep introspection to fluid exchange  takes the metaphor of the coral reef as a way to explore how we can keep art dear to our heart and mind. Frail but strong, and with a positive impact on its environment! 

Reef of Art
from deep introspection
to fluid exchange

Practicum Artium

Exhibition 20-21

Practicum Artium is a joint programme by KABK and Leiden University that offers talented students from Leiden University the opportunity to develop their artistic skills in drawing, graphic design, painting or photography during a semester at KABK. 

Practicum Artium traditionally culminates in a presentation of the students’ artistic works to celebrate the developments they’ve achieved.