Reef of Art - Practicum Artium 2020-2021 (last edited: 2021)

Soyun Park, Liza Swaving

About this exposition

What is a Reef of Art? A diverse community of organisms, that support, protect and complement each other. A floating isle of colors, shapes and whispers of wonder. A fragile family threatened by pollution, isolation and neglect, that needs your urgent care. The exhibition Reef of Art: from deep introspection to fluid exchange takes the metaphor of the coral reef as a way to explore how we can keep art dear to our heart and mind. Frail but strong, and with a positive impact on its environment!
typeresearch exposition
last modified03/07/2021
statusin progress
share statuspublic
licenseCC BY-NC-ND

Simple Media

id name copyright license
1257285 banana www CC BY-NC-ND
1264003 2021-04-23 18-45-50-1 www CC BY-NC-ND
1283192 Head_and_torso_simulator www CC BY-NC-ND
1283197 vlcsnap-2020-09-15-18h44m28s890 www CC BY-NC-ND
1283227 Titles www Public domain
1283322 Coral_01 www CC BY-NC-ND
1283329 Coral_02 www CC BY-NC-ND
1283332 Coral_03 www CC BY-NC-ND
1283335 Coral_04 www CC BY-NC-ND
1283336 Coral_05 www CC BY-NC-ND
1283337 Coral_06 www CC BY-NC-ND
1283338 Coral_07 www CC BY-NC-ND
1283345 Coral_08 www CC BY-NC-ND
1283347 Coral_11 www CC BY-NC-ND
1283448 Coral_B_13 www CC BY-NC-ND
1283458 Coral_B_08 www CC BY-NC-ND
1283486 Coral_B_11 www CC BY-NC-ND
1283519 gettyimages-171360450-612x612 internet CC BY-NC-ND
1283537 Coral_B_12 www CC BY-NC-ND
1286666 vlcsnap-2020-09-15-18h46m04s059 www CC BY-NC-ND
1291703 Drawing_C.Brouwers_1 C.Brouwers CC BY-NC-ND
1291705 Drawing_C.Brouwers_2 C.Brouwers CC BY-NC-ND
1291706 Drawing_C.Brouwers_3 C.Brouwers CC BY-NC-ND
1291707 Drawing_C.Nijhof_1 C.Nijhof CC BY-NC-ND
1291708 Drawing_C.Nijhof_2 C.Nijhof CC BY-NC-ND
1291709 Drawing_C.Nijhof_3 C.Nijhof CC BY-NC-ND
1291710 Drawing_c.vanstraten_1 c.vanstraten CC BY-NC-ND
1291711 Drawing_c.vanstraten_2 c.vanstraten CC BY-NC-ND
1291712 Drawing_c.vanstraten_3 c.vanstraten CC BY-NC-ND
1291713 Drawing_D.Bukman.1 D.Bukman CC BY-NC-ND
1291714 Drawing_D.Bukman.2 D.Bukman CC BY-NC-ND
1291715 Drawing_D.Bukman3 D.Bukman CC BY-NC-ND
1291716 Drawing_D.Zhang_1 D.Zhang CC BY-NC-ND
1291717 Drawing_D.Zhang_2 D.Zhang CC BY-NC-ND
1291718 Drawing_D.Zhang_3 D.Zhang CC BY-NC-ND
1291719 Drawing_E.Deklerk_1 E.Deklerk CC BY-NC-ND
1291720 Drawing_E.Deklerk_2 E.Deklerk CC BY-NC-ND
1291721 Drawing_E.Deklerk_3 E.Deklerk CC BY-NC-ND
1291723 Drawing_H.Bredero_1 H.Bredero CC BY-NC-ND
1291724 Drawing_H.Bredero_2 H.Bredero CC BY-NC-ND
1291726 Drawing_H.Bredero_3 H.Bredero CC BY-NC-ND
1291727 Drawing_K.Vajserman_1 K.Vajserman CC BY-NC-ND
1291728 Drawing_K.Vajserman_2 K.Vajserman CC BY-NC-ND
1291731 Drawing_K.Vajserman_3 K.Vajserman CC BY-NC-ND
1291733 Drawing_L.Akerboom_1 L.Akerboom CC BY-NC-ND
1291734 Drawing_L.Akerboom_2 L.Akerboom CC BY-NC-ND
1291735 Drawing_L.Akerboom_3 L.Akerboom CC BY-NC-ND
1291738 Drawing_M.denHeld_2 M.denHeld CC BY-NC-ND
1291740 Drawing_M.S.N.Chevalier_1 M.S.N.Chevalier CC BY-NC-ND
1291741 Drawing_M.S.N.Chevalier_2 M.S.N.Chevalier CC BY-NC-ND
1291742 Drawing_M.Willemsen_1 M.Willemsen CC BY-NC-ND
1291743 Drawing_M.Willemsen_2 M.Willemsen CC BY-NC-ND
1291744 Drawing_M.Willemsen_3 M.Willemsen CC BY-NC-ND
1291747 Drawing2_M.Blonk_1 M.Blonk CC BY-NC-ND
1291748 Drawing2_M.Blonk_2 M.Blonk CC BY-NC-ND
1291749 Drawing_N.Stikvoort_1 N.Stikvoort CC BY-NC-ND
1291752 Painting_A.Klapwijk_1 A.Klapwijk CC BY-NC-ND
1291753 Painting_A.Klapwijk_2 A.Klapwijk CC BY-NC-ND
1291754 Painting_A.Klapwijk_3 A.Klapwijk CC BY-NC-ND
1291755 Painting_A.Krüger_1 A.Krüger CC BY-NC-ND
1291756 Painting_A.Krüger_2 A.Krüger CC BY-NC-ND
1291757 Painting_A.Krüger_3 A.Krüger CC BY-NC-ND
1291758 Painting_A.Twigt_1 A.Twigt CC BY-NC-ND
1291759 Painting_A.Twigt_2 A.Twigt CC BY-NC-ND
1291760 Painting_A.Twigt_3 A.Twigt CC BY-NC-ND
1291761 Painting_C.Jain_1 C.Jain CC BY-NC-ND
1291762 Painting_C.Jain_2 C.Jain CC BY-NC-ND
1291763 Painting_C.Jain_3 C.Jain CC BY-NC-ND
1291764 Painting_G.Dembinski_1 G.Dembinski CC BY-NC-ND
1291765 Painting_G.Dembinski_2 G.Dembinski CC BY-NC-ND
1291766 Painting_M.albalooshi_1 M.albalooshi CC BY-NC-ND
1291767 Painting_M.albalooshi_2 M.albalooshi CC BY-NC-ND
1291768 Painting_M.albalooshi_3 M.albalooshi CC BY-NC-ND
1291769 Painting_M.Willemsen_1 M.Willemsen CC BY-NC-ND
1291770 Painting_M.Willemsen_2 M.Willemsen CC BY-NC-ND
1291771 Painting_M.Willemsen_3 M.Willemsen CC BY-NC-ND
1291772 Painting_S.Chander_2 S.Chander CC BY-NC-ND
1291773 Painting2_P.E.vanderPlas_1 P.E.vanderPlas CC BY-NC-ND
1291774 Painting2_P.E.vanderPlas_2 P.E.vanderPlas CC BY-NC-ND
1291775 Painting2_P.E.vanderPlas_3 P.E.vanderPlas CC BY-NC-ND
1291776 Painting2_X.Ji_1 X.Ji CC BY-NC-ND
1291777 Painting2_X.Ji_2 X.Ji CC BY-NC-ND
1291778 GraphicDesign_C_Zhang C_Zhang CC BY-NC-ND
1291779 GraphicDesign_H_Peters H_Peters CC BY-NC-ND
1291780 GraphicDesign_J_Dabelstein J_Dabelstein CC BY-NC-ND
1291781 GraphicDesign_M_vanRhijn M_vanRhijn CC BY-NC-ND
1291782 GraphicDesign_MC_vanAltena_1 MC_vanAltena CC BY-NC-ND
1291783 GraphicDesign_S_Lammertink S_Lammertink CC BY-NC-ND
1291784 GraphicDesign_S_Sayed S_Sayed CC BY-NC-ND
1291785 Painting_G.Dembinski_3 G.Dembinski CC BY-NC-ND
1291786 Drawing_N.Stikvoort_1 N.Stikvoort CC BY-NC-ND
1291788 Photography_Y.Yen Y.Yen CC BY-NC-ND
1291793 Photography_A.Chan_1 A.Chan All rights reserved
1291798 Photography_L.van.Alfen_1 L.van.Alfen All rights reserved
1291804 Photography_Y.Yen Y.Yen All rights reserved
1291812 Photography2_A.Klapwijk A.Klapwijk All rights reserved
1291815 Photography_E.Krause_1 E.Krause CC BY-NC-ND
1291816 Photography_E.Krause_2.jepg E.Krause CC BY-NC-ND
1291818 Photography2_C.Dröge_1 C.Dröge CC BY-NC-ND
1291822 Photography_E.Krause_3 E.Krause CC BY-NC-ND
1291824 Photography2_A.Leclercq_1 A.Leclercq CC BY-NC-ND
1291825 Photography2_A.Leclercq_2 A.Leclercq CC BY-NC-ND
1291827 Photography2_A.Leclercq_3 A.Leclercq CC BY-NC-ND
1291829 Photography2_I.Midttun_1 I.Midttun CC BY-NC-ND
1291830 Photography2_I.Midttun_2 I.Midttun CC BY-NC-ND
1291832 Photography2_I.Midttun_3 I.Midttun CC BY-NC-ND
1291834 Photography2_S.Naydenov_1 S.Naydenov CC BY-NC-ND
1291835 Photography2_S.Naydenov_2 S.Naydenov CC BY-NC-ND
1291836 Photography2_S.Naydenov_3 S.Naydenov CC BY-NC-ND
1291837 Photography2_M.Fabris_1 M.Fabris CC BY-NC-ND
1291838 Photography2_M.Fabris_1 M.Fabris CC BY-NC-ND
1291840 Photography2_M.GallegoGarcia1 M.GallegoGarcia CC BY-NC-ND
1291841 Photography2_M.GallegoGarcia1 M.GallegoGarcia CC BY-NC-ND
1291843 Photography2_M.S.Damen_1 M.S.Damen CC BY-NC-ND
1291874 Coral_09 kabk CC BY-NC-ND
1291876 Coral_10 kabk CC BY-NC-ND
1291877 Coral_14 kabk CC BY-NC-ND
1291879 Coral_B_01 kabk CC BY-NC-ND
1291880 Coral_B_02 kabk CC BY-NC-ND
1291881 Coral_B_03 kabk CC BY-NC-ND
1291883 Coral_B_04 kabk CC BY-NC-ND
1291884 Coral_B_05 kabk CC BY-NC-ND
1291886 Coral_B_06 kabk CC BY-NC-ND
1291888 Coral_B_07 kabk CC BY-NC-ND
1291890 Coral_B_09 kabk CC BY-NC-ND
1291891 Coral_B_10 kabk CC BY-NC-ND
1292169 Painting2_C_Meyer_01 C_Meyer CC BY-NC-ND
1292172 Painting2_C_Meyer_02 (2) C_Meyer CC BY-NC-ND
1292173 Painting2_C_Meyer_03 C_Meyer CC BY-NC-ND
1294026 KABK logo KABK CC BY-NC-ND
1294030 Leiden logo Leiden University CC BY-NC-ND
1294067 Drawing_N.Stikvoort_1 N.Stikvoort CC BY-NC-ND
1294790 Drawing_M.denHeld_1 M.denHeld CC BY-NC-ND
1294791 Drawing_M.denHeld_3 M.denHeld CC BY-NC-ND
1294853 Painting_M.albalooshi_1 M.albalooshi CC BY-NC-ND
1294855 Painting_M.albalooshi_2 M.albalooshi CC BY-NC-ND
1294856 Painting_M.albalooshi_3 M.albalooshi CC BY-NC-ND
1294857 Painting_S.Chander_1 S.Chander CC BY-NC-ND
1294859 Painting_S.Chander_2 S.Chander CC BY-NC-ND
1294861 Painting_S.Chander_3 S.Chander CC BY-NC-ND
1296664 Photography2_Davidova 1 Davidova CC BY-NC-ND
1296665 Photography2_Davidova 2 Davidova CC BY-NC-ND
1296667 Photography2_Davidova 3 Davidova CC BY-NC-ND
1296668 Photography2_M.Heikkinen_1 M.Heikkinen CC BY-NC-ND
1296669 Photography2_M.Heikkinen_2 M.Heikkinen CC BY-NC-ND
1296670 Photography2_M.Heikkinen_3 M.Heikkinen CC BY-NC-ND
1296716 GraphicDesign_S_Sayed S_Sayed CC BY-NC-ND
1296717 GraphicDesign_S_Lammertink S_Lammertink CC BY-NC-ND
1296718 GraphicDesign_MC_vanAltena MC_vanAltena CC BY-NC-ND
1296719 GraphicDesign_M_vanRhijn M_vanRhijn CC BY-NC-ND
1296720 GraphicDesign_J_Dabelstein J_Dabelstein CC BY-NC-ND
1296721 GraphicDesign_J_Dabelstein J_Dabelstein CC BY-NC-ND
1296722 GraphicDesign_H_Peters H_Peters CC BY-NC-ND
1296723 GraphicDesign_FC_Roos FC_Roos CC BY-NC-ND
1296724 GraphicDesign_E_Regeni E_Regeni CC BY-NC-ND
1296725 GraphicDesign_C_Zhang C_Zhang CC BY-NC-ND
1296746 GraphicDesign_J_Cha J_Cha CC BY-NC-ND
1296768 CollectiveZine_InvisibleCities_2021 GD KABK CC BY-NC-ND
1296796 GraphicDesign_J_Cha J_Cha CC BY-NC-ND
1298953 Drawing_H.Bredero.III Hannah Bredero All rights reserved
1305880 L. van Alfen L. van Alfen CC BY-NC-ND

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