This exposition is Part 2 of an article published in the Special Issue ‘Practices of Phenomenological & Artistic Research’, Phenomenology& Practice, [Vol. 17, No.1, 2022]. Part 1 is accessed hereYou are first invited to engage with the practices presented in this exposition. 



"I find myself regularly working on my own in woodlands, void of people and in generally vacant landscapes. Seeking silence and spending time is part of the practice and part of what the practice demands on its own development; silence and exclusive access to that what is being looked at is essential for the practice to unfold."

Through the presentation of visual artefacts unfolding over a series of ‘pages’ (which can be navigated using the forward arrows at the bottom right of each page), this exposition demonstrates two modes of attention activated within three separate artistic research projects:

(1) Stille Fragmente

(2) Leaves 

(3) Ice melting


The projects are presented chronologically. Each project comprises two parts: there is a selection of 24 square still images (corresponding to two roll films, 12 photographs each), which is then followed by a moving image film work.


Still images (presented on pages 2, 4 and 6)

The photographs attempt to show the first mode of attention, which is an active, accumulative mode, understood as the preparatory phase. Organised as three individual slideshows, the still images present a selection of the overall photographs taken (e.g. in the case of Stille Fragmente there were 252 photographs/21 roll films in total).

Navigation note: The three selections of stills are placed on a self-moving timeline, allowing the viewer to sit back and just see without having to actively move forward. However, if a slower rhythm is wanted, please feel free to pause the slideshow. They also intend to invite the viewer to slow down, to tarry, to spend some time in the environment made visible in preparation for what is to follow. Please double click on the image field and view on full screen. 


Moving image works (presented on pages 3, 5 and 7)

The moving images works give expression to a second mode of attention: a less active, receptive mode.

Navigation note: The moving image work automatically plays. As with the still images, it is strongly recommended to view the moving image on a full screen. Please double click on the image field to enlarge the image field and press escape to reduce again, if needed.


General note: When arriving at the end of each interaction, the arrow at the bottom right corner opens the next page, showing the next visual component. The symbol in the top left corner of each page allows for a return to the first page. The individual pages are also navigatable via the top menu bar under 'Contents'.