I still cannot say who is guilty and what kind of offence I am solving. I see that there is a gap of research in the period of my investigation related to people’s clothing. The period was so poor and sometimes really cruel. Women used to wear clothes till they became unwearable. Usually, at that time you could not buy fabric or clothing in the shop. It was normal to have some fabric from abroad from your relative and if you did not have relatives abroad you could exchange something like food or a home equipment into some fabric or a dress. Moreover, it was common to sew the garment at home or even weave a fabric for yourself. There were some examples when mothers exchanged some food into a winter coat of a soldier and sewed some warm clothes for their children. It was a really crazy situation compared to nowadays. So, with a piece of humor I am detecting all the sadness and the stories which I have found in the Lithuanian women’s everyday clothing of 1940-1970’s. I believe that later my conclusions can be different but now this is what I have.