Doctor Dance

Episode 0: Introduction

Episode 1: Hank Bamberger

Episode 2: João Oliveira

Episode 3: Andreas Hagalund

Episode 4: Hallie Dalsimer

Episode 5: C.J. Dunn

Episode 6: Joey Kipp

Episode 7: NESHAA

Episode 8: Samuli Emery

Doctor Dance is a talk show based in the premise that any problem can be solved with dance-based-knowledge.

As an educational and promotional platform created to increase understanding and appreciation of dance practice, Doctor Dance reaches into people's homes and lives, one appointment at a time.

Filmed private sessions with Doctor Dance display the application of specific dances and dance practices as answers to people's questions, solutions to their problems, and remedies for their woes. 

Because Dance is the answer!

Doctor Dance is part of the doctoral artistic research project choreography in which Eleanor Bauer is concerned with the media-specificity of thought in dance and its translation into other domains, namely written and spoken language. 

Doctor Dance is a translation exercise from dance to medicine, wherein the aspiring doctor's expertise in dance practice is put to the test (with a dose of humor to help the medicine go down).

Created and performed by

Eleanor Bauer

with self-elected guests

December 2020 - February 2021