Doctor Dance (last edited: 2022)

Doctor Dance
Eleanor Bauer

About this exposition

Doctor Dance is a talk show based in the premise that any problem can be solved by dance-based-knowledge. As an educational and promotional platform to increase people's appreciation for dance practice, Doctor Dance reaches into people's homes and lives, one appointment at a time. Filmed private sessions with Doctor Dance offered originally on IGTV (Instagram TV) display the application of specific dances and dance practices as answers to people's questions, solutions to their problems, and remedies for their woes. Because Dance is the answer!
typeresearch exposition
last modified20/06/2022
statusin progress
share statuspublic
affiliationStockholm University of the Arts
copyrightEleanor Bauer, 2020
licenseCC BY-NC-ND

Simple Media

id name copyright license
1261288 Doctor Dance ep.0 - Intro Eleanor Baur CC BY-NC-ND
1261290 Doctor Dance ep.1 - Hank Bamberger Eleanor Bauer CC BY-NC-ND
1261292 Doctor Dance ep.2 - Joao Oliveira Eleanor Bauer CC BY-NC-ND
1261294 Doctor Dance ep.3 - Andreas Hagalund Eleanor Bauer CC BY-NC-ND
1261296 Doctor Dance ep.4 - Hallie Dalsimer Eleanor Bauer CC BY-NC-ND
1261298 Doctor Dance ep.5 - CJ Dunn Eleanor Bauer CC BY-NC-ND
1261303 Doctor Dance ep.6 - Joey Kipp Eleanor Bauer CC BY-NC-ND
1261306 Doctor Dance ep.7 - NESHAA Eleanor Bauer CC BY-NC-ND
1261309 Doctor Dance ep.8 - Samuli Emery Eleanor Bauer CC BY-NC-ND

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