Acknowledgements &
Artist's Declaration

The performative video work, 'Is This Me?' was initially produced during the course of the artist's stay in Tunis, Tunisia in 2020. The stay was funded in part by a scholarship.

This initial production was presented at an online exhibition titled 'Co-Ability' organised by 'Österreichisches Kulturforum Budapest - Austrian Cultural Forum' in May 2020.


Sections of the work were further developed, adapted and screened at Humanoidity, a literary-artistic evening in July 2020 in Tunis, Tunisia with support from the Austrian Embassy, Tunis.

A further adaptation was conceived for DA_DA_Zwischen and screened at the WUK in Vienna in September 2020.


The artist herself also performed the work, curated by KUNSTZELLE at the Parallel Vienna art fair in September 2020 in front of an invite-only audience.


Further development including the illustrative enhancement were developed thererafter, being presented by the artist at the Society for Artistic Research Conference in April 2021.

C r e d i t s

Is This Me? - Humanity's Wake-Up Call (2021)

Video & Stills

© Julia Fromm

Camera: Julia Fromm

Orthography: Bavesh Moorthy
Voice: Aslan Remzi Aydin


Humanity’s Wake-Up Call (2021)

© Julia Fromm

Design and Illustration: Julia Fromm, Bavesh Moorthy

Performance & Artwork

© Julia Fromm

Choreography: Julia Fromm
Metal exoskeleteon Design & Conception: Julia Fromm

Is This Me? (2020)

Two starkly contrasting worlds are revealed on peering through. In prodding the observer, the performance on the self and its faltering highlights inaction within the perceptual cell by dint of uncertainty.β

The performative exoskeletal artwork entreats and supplicates the beholder on the rostrum of individuality 'Is This Me?', inducing the 'faltering of the self' and 'faltering of the system' through resistance and transformation.

The metal framework, as a trope, simultaneously conceals and reveals the process of alienation. The motion within the exoskeleton portrays the kinematic limits of the bodyb, surmised as science-based human inaction

My body

and I

In reasoning logically, or expressing the willingness thereto, substantive action will be humanity's wake-up call and its long-term reward.


Evoking the urgency to make educated decisions, the work tests the inherent limits of the self with only the available resources within the ascertained leeway for manoeuvre, endeavouring to untangle the enwreathed environment.

inner stability

Is This Me?

and endeavour

to function

against the

external effects

embodied in

C o n c l u d i n g   w o r d s...

The series of videos and the concomitant textual work are the result of the continuous furthering of the tales of the ever-changing that is exhibited in 'Is This Me?-Humanity's Wake-Up Call'

Delving on the resilience of the self, as exemplified through the exoskeleton within the perceptual cell, the exhibition calls to stand collectively, driving collaborative systemic changes to our societal challenges in aiming to address a part of the spectrum of global challenges. The interdisciplinarity spans across the phenomenological aspect in the performing arts, intra- and inter-personal decision-making processes on a trans-national scale, to precipitate collective environmental action.

...As does the beetle, leaving its hexapodal sandprints on the annals of time.


Kinematically shackled and bound by the imagined limits of the human mind, this collaborative work appeals to the world community to make sound decisions. 'Standing on the Shoulders of Giants', this trans-national responsibility vested in humanity, will entail the apt self-introspective title 'Is This Me?' in positive disbelief.

The lyrical narrator chronicles the aura of this primeval creaturecδ. Oblique perspectives on the adjacency in perception and spatial alienation come into the chronicler's gaze.

Lurking and looming over sandy fragments, the beetle shackled within the limits of existence refuses to move along. Through volition, it hesitates to persevere, but linearity treads on.

As Samuel Beckett put it,

"Abode where lost bodies roam each search for its lost one. Vast enough for search to be in vain. Narrow enough for flight to be in vain." 

Questioning through dialogue, cause-effect principles of processes engender empathic transformation of the Self flowing into the narrative of its perception. The narrator metamorphises into the insect, petrified.

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Within the perceptual cell, its onomatopoeic expressions metamorphose into an unfettered call for change, albeit within the constrains of its actual existence.ζ

The rendition is hardly in vain, bespoke by manifested interactions in the existential space.

Conjuring an illustrative enhancement of the ideas put forth by the framework described in 'Is This Me?'...

Transcending physical limitations into transcendental non-human existence, the ponderous mechanical movements simultaneously conceal and reveal bodily idiosyncrasies.γ

The interactions alter the picturesque landscape, nature, sand, earth, time and existenceε itself.

...we are confronted on our actual intentions

The geophony punctures the tranquility of the soundscape fragmenting living time, metamorphosing the bedrock of element interplay.a 

As the monologue reverberates and undulates, piercing and transcending crests and troughs, on its pulpit to performpertinaciously resisting obsolescence.

...the contrasting zones of...

'Alienation of the Self' for decisions influenced by sciencei (the learning filter) and through public expectationsη acting as humanity's wake-up call...



...they act together to mould and provide a rational and logical approach forward...

...overcoming barriers and impediments, decisions making to transform and effect change, the kinematics of motion are influenced by logical decisions...

...these allow the body to learn to work around encumbrances