Glòries_(Eixample). A dispositive for very slow aesthetic observation



This exposition is a dispositive for very slow aesthetic observation: a systemically organized set of conditions for the mobilization of sensorimotor and emotional skills in order to disclose alternative intelligibilities. The focus of observation—the environment to be disclosed—is the part of Plaça de les Glòries (Glòries Square) included in Districte de l’Eixample (Eixample District) in Barcelona.


The dispositive can be used either on Glòries Square or in any other place. In order to activate it, please follow these indications:


  • Access one of the already implemented modules by using one of these links: module A, module B, module C. All modules are interconnected. 


  • Activate the full screen mode of your browser. (This exposition has been realized on Google Chrome on a 13-inch screen. Although Chrome offers the best visualization, it is also possible to be use with Mozilla Firefox and Safari).


  • Navigate each module and zoom in to look at single videos in detail for long periods of time. 


  • All videos are constantly playing in loop. If the reproduction of a video stops refresh the page on the browser or simply click on it.


  • Feel free to combine looking at each video and reading the associated section of the exploratory essay by using the correspondent link (in orange).



This dispositive is a work in progress: new modules, re-framed videos and sections of the exploratory essay will be added. If you want to contribute with new videos, new re-framings, new parts of the essay or any other kind of artifacts or ideas, please contact me: