Master Research
Presentations 2021

On this page, you can find links to various master research presentations from the 2021 Master Research Symposium at the Royal Conservatoire, which had to be organised online due to the Corona crisis. In addition to the presentations, all students have also submitted (written) documentation in the form of an exposition or thesis, some of which can be found here. For the presentations of 2020, please click here.

Some of the presentations are available publicly, whereas others are only available after logging into the Research Catalogue with an account that is linked to the Royal Conservatoire Research Portal. Please feel free to have a look!

Public presentations

Laura Audonnet: Mixed Ensembles of High Instruments in France from the Middle of the 16th Century until Lully’s Time: A Palette of Sound Colours

David Alonso Cid: Gesture-based Interfaces in Percussion Performance

Alex Baker: Diminutions, Divisions, and Doubles in Viol Literature

Théo Couillez: From Xavier Lefèvre to Frédéric Berr: Clarinet Instruction at the Paris Conservatory between 1795 and 1838

Remy Dielemans: The Arabic Maqam on Double Bass

Alessandra Di Gennaro: Piano Four-Hands Once Again

Maud Haering: E quando mai potrò cessar di piangere? An exploration of the links between arias with obbligato instruments and musical affects in Antonio Caldara’s oratorios composed between 1716 and 1736

Dimitris Koutantos: Jazz drums: 5 unconventional comping examples

Aseko Ueda: Intabulation as Process and Practice

Kitty Lai: A Study on Ornamentation and Expression in French vocal Music (1650-1750)

Jakub Pesek: Accessibility of Music Production Software for the Visually Impaired: A Study of Developing an Eyes-Free Audio Application for a Surface Haptic Interface

Marlon Valk: Taking off the mask: Embracing vulnerability on stage

Claudia Velez Ruiz: The Multidisciplinary Double Bass

Weronika Zimnoch: Unknown Instrumental Repertory of Sandomierz

Presentations available within the KC Research Portal

Alberto Garcia: Walton Viola Concerto Beyond the Score

Floris van Gils: ‘Zingt nu met verheugde geest’: Een hymnologisch onderzoek naar het Nederlandse oud-katholieke kerklied en de receptie hiervan buiten de Oud-Katholieke Kerk

Aleksandra Kwiatkowska: Russian Paganini on the court of Catherine the Great

Ludovica Marcuzzi: Acting in singing: How to improve it by using the elements that are already part of you

Laura Riverol Mitchel: José White, a Cuban composer in 19th Century

Ursula Skaug: One in Norway by One of Them: Vlogging for Classical Musicians