How to apply for the 13th SAR Conference on Artistic Research

For information on the SAR conference in general:

The call for applications has closed November 12, 2021. It is no longer possible to apply.

Step 1.

A fully upgraded Research Catalogue (RC) account is required to apply. Deadline for submissions via the Research Catalogue (RC): 12th November 2021, 15:00 CET. Make sure to register to the Research Catalogue as soon as possible.

If your institution is a portal partner of SAR you can upgrade your account through the local portal administrator, see list of portal administrators. If you are not affiliated to a portal partner and have a limited RC account, go here to upgrade your limited account.

If you do not have an RC account at all:

  1. Register a (free) RC account by going to:
  2. Follow the instructions to upgrade to a full account.
    Due to processing time, it is strongly recommended to register and upgrade as soon as possible.

Step 2.

Once you have a full account, you can log in and start working on your application by going to your profile page:

  1. Go to the “Research” section.
  2. Click “Create Application” and
  3. Select “SAR Conference - Call 2022” from the dropdown menu (screenshot here).

Step 3.

You will now see the main form for submissions ( screenshot ).


1. Location of "Create Application" button

2. Select the right call

The Application Form

The “Status” (& Submit) Tab