Examples from Art

Martin Arnold: pièce touchée (1989) is one his investigations of film footage by playing back and forth a 18 seconds sequence up to 15 minutes (more).

Martin Arnold: Alone: Life Wastes Andy Hardy (1998) is his first digitally cut work (more).




Examples from Literature

Ilse Aichinger: Spiegelgeschichte (1949) tells the story of a woman in opposite order, i.e. from death to birth.


F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (1922) tells about a man, who is born old and gets younger during his lifetime.

Georges Perec: Le Grand Palindrome (1969) is a novel that is one big palindrome (more).


Alan Lightman: Einstein's Dreams (1993) is a novel with all kinds of time concepts. In the chapter "16 April 1905" time goes for some people backwards.



Examples from Music Video and Film
The Pharcyde: Drop (1995) is a music clip directed by Spike Jones and uses only reversed film material (more).

Cibo Mater: Sugar Water (2009) is a music clip directed by Michel Gondry and combines the same video take twice: forward and backward (more).

David Fincher: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) is a film adaption of the novel of F. Scott Fitzgerald (more).


 Aleksandr Medvedkin: The New Moscow (1938) has after one hour a short scene of a propaganda movie going backwards, so the new buildings disappear and the churches are resurrected.



Examples from Music

Joseph Haydn: Symphony Nr. 47 (1772) includes a menuett al roverso, where the trio plays the notes backwards.

Paul Hindemith: Hin und zurück op. 45a (1927) is a short opera (ca. 15 minutes) that starts forward and halftime runs the story backwards also reversing the text.


Nina Hagen: Fisch im Wasser (1978) is a short song, that ends by the reverse of the first half (more).


Radiohead: Like Spinning Plates (2001) is a song, where Tom Yorke sang his lines backwards, which were afterwards reversed (more).

Examples from Videogames

Braid (2008) is a platform and puzzle video game developed by Number None, Inc., which allows you to move for- and backward in time on all game levels (more).

Life Is Strange (2015) is an episodic interactive drama graphic adventure video game developed by Dontnod Entertainment, and published by Square Enix. Introducing the mechanic of rewinding time allows the player to go back and redo any action other than what is done past a checkpoint (more).