Puzzle with sensory lights

A puzzle inspired by escaperoom. Solve the puzzle to escape.

The idea of this consept is based on an escaperoom experience where you have to solve puzzles and riddles to escape from a locked room. The puzzle with lights it is a fun and interactive way to exercise the brain. It is supposed to be challenging, and it might be best performed by a team.

Imagine you are in a dimly lit room with a locked door. In front of you, you have the board, 4 puzzlepieces of different shapes, 4 colored pieces with text on them, and a card facing down that has “Hint - use if needed” written on it.

The game starts with the instrcutions: Press the answer to escape.
You will then read the guides for the game:
- The colors will give you order
- Your quest begins at 180°

180° is a triangle. so this is the first piece you should put in the puzzle.

When placing the triangle a pink cotton ball on the board lights up. Signaling that the next pizzlepiece you should place is the pink piece which looks kind of like a mountain.

When placing the pink piece, a green ball of cotton lights up, thus your next piece to place is the green one.

When placing the green piece, a yellow cotton ball lights up, thus your next piece to place is the yellow one.

When placing the yellow, and final piece, a blue cotton ball lights up.

Now, do you remember the order of the lights? It was Pink, Green, Yellow, Blue.

The four colored squares with text on them will give you the next clue when assembled in the correct order.

If you are stuck, you can use the hint.

When assembled it reads “My head is red but turns black when you scratch it. What am I?”

Look then to the board again, you have items such as a blender, a coffeecup, some coffee beans, a heart, and a match. The answer to the riddle is a match.

You then press the answer, unlocking the door, and you have escaped.

Thank you for playing.

By: Linn Melberg


Technical Sketch with Materials:

Image of result:

Video of interaction:

Images of pieces:


Square Pieces

Hint Front

Hint Back

Square Assembled

Square Side