Cloud Fidget

By: Sebastian Martinsen

This is a physical sketch that is used to experiment with tangible interaction. I will experiment how the sketch invite people to an action, and how the feedback will influence the experience of using it.

The sketch sort of look like a cloud with some colorful elements. This can evoke associations and feeling like: Imaginate, dreamy, playful, childish, joyful. These elements can make people curios, and with the materials that clearly communicates that it is soft and squishy it will hopefully make people want to squish it. It feels soft, and cozy. And when pressed it will light up. The lights light up in different colors, that will also strengthen this dreamy, childish, playful feeling. When the person knows that it can light up, people will probably intuitively know where to push, because it has a different firmer texture the place where the switch is located.