We started with exchanging the initial prompts, every next prompt became the response to the previous one, provoking the new prompts. The prompts were thought not in vacuum but in each other´s contexts and in the context of the knowledge they generated, in the context of our interests and passions - dancing, composing, watching, listening - as well as their expansions while we were working together. Working together revealed that collaboration goes beyond just three of us towards our more-than-human networks, towards the places, elements, and memories. Rather, each one of us embodied the worlding practice being in the world`s worlding practice.
Knowledge`s diffractive, nested and networked nomad nature revealed itself with the opening up to the relationality of the world and of our selves.

We let the multiple complex songs of our encounters sound, and they, in response, revealed the harmony of the multiplicity.

the ways we worked