What is this video? -- It is the intra-activity of spaces -- It is


(smooth space)


a coherent incoherence

random yet nothing is random in a multimodal text therefore its randomness is a new door opening --> one through the other

reading each other through each other

(striated space)

some semiotics, some representations



going inward-outward with randomness (exteriority-within, silent motion, massive- microscopic relationality)


towards -

opening up --> publishing self

creating possibilities --> publishing the other (selves). How can I be(come) as your publisher?




*While you are exploring walking towards the video-essay, please feel free to start the two videos here below - the choreography of stones and the choreography of the tiles and this audio simultaneously or listen to this audio and roam the images-steps you have just passed. What do you see? What do you hear? What does it connect you with? What movements do you sense? 


Open questions (prompts/thoughts/impulses) / part of becoming public:


  • how much of the author are you, the author? 
  • how about non-human authors - how is their participation recognized? When we publish it, how do we acknowledge the sea as as source in the worlding?
  • how do we cite the media style as a reference? 

Collaborative Worlding Practice <-- seeding actions

*feel free to start simultaneously the choreography of stones and the responsive dances

we meet -> we intra-act

we: three authors, authors and the call, editors, readers, the traces...

world around us

intra-act : we make the world together. Through letting our expressions getting entangled. It is difficult to know what the source is, and we find out that the source is always us. how? -- in every manner possible. Through getting into it.

how do we research? -- in every manner possible. Through getting into it. 


we -- together collaborating, co-authoring, becoming -- how does it go public? where to? when does it arrive? what are we publishing?


an experiment: going outside-within -- public in-between three of us, towards each other, with each other.

What you see here is a map with multiple forseen traces and traces to be discovered. It is a rhizomatic game of going public. We become us and (part of) the world while co-creating and becoming a map, and experiencing the sources we discover. "A rhizome has no beginning or end. It comes from its midst" (Deleuze & Guattari 2005, p. 25). this map is a dynamic nomadic open-ended experience. A trace requires/is a guidance and the map makes traces as it goes. You (don't) decide if you walk the traces of a recognizable structure.

composting is always a diffractive and rhizomatic practice of the assemblage recognition, of making kins.

Rhizomatically diffractively composting multispecies we create soil not just for each other but for each other together, making ever new possibility as a worlding practice for/with each other in/of the world