This publication is a collaborative practice that unfolds the potential and the meaning of collaboration in academic, artistic and everyday life.

Collaboration is a dynamic multilayered practice: it expands in many directions simultaneously including ever new contributors.

1. We thought to explore collaboration between three of us - Tone, Sunniva and Polina. But what does it mean? Three human women? three persons? three educators? three artists? three backgrounds - educational, artistic, interests, family, ethnic? three different constantly changing networks? At once all that came into play.

2. While we started writing down our thoughts, exchanging thoughts in conversations and chats, we noticed that they are intra-acting (Barad 2007), enhancing, reassembling each other (Deleuze and Guattari 2005).

3. With every new graphic, sonic, visual, textual or any other element in the exposion, new meanings emerge as they intra-act, contributing to the argument, unfolding it, deconstructing our understanding of it.

4. The editors, peer-reviewers, readers - they are part of this practice.

We offer different ways of reading or following our collaborative journey of making sense as we proceeded with working on the exposition; in this unfolding the unintended lineal begining-end / cause-effect logic dissolved itself even more.