Research Bulletin No. 1

Editor: Geir Strøm, head of administration NARP

Introduction to Bulletin no. 1

The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme (NARP) initiates by this series of periodical bulletins a service to disseminate ongoing and published work by the research staff and fellows funded or otherwise supported by the programme. The editor is the adminstrative leader at the programme and there is thus no review being performed on the work presented. The aim for the bulletin is to make visible artistic research which is published or shared publicly. We consider the first issues as a pilot for further development and invite you to comment, either through the Research Catalogue (RC) or directly to the editor, on how you experience the bulletin.


This issue focuses on the work by former research fellows who in 2014 were granted funding to finalise and present, through the RC, the results in connection to their final assessments. For different reasons many of the authors have chosen to keep their work as works in progress at this state. However, by making the works accessible for all readers of RC, they welcome you to read and engage in the artistic research they present.

Furthermore, we lead you to expositions that were made from artistic research work funded by NARP's project programme. 


This issue refers exclusively to work made on the RC platform. We have covered all shared or published work connected to NARP-fundings. The references are based on a general search in RC and we regret and apologise if any expositions have not been detected by us.


Geir Strøm, editor

Performer - Audience Interaction: A Potential for Dance Art?

Exposition in progress by Gediminas Karoblis, Sigurd Johan Heide, Marit Stranden, Siri Mæland and Egil Bakka.

NARP-funded artistic research project at the Norwegian Univ. of Science and Technology.

Advanced, artistic use of folkdance is a new field of Norwegian dance art, searching for a profile, which includes participatory elements.

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Exposition in progress by Linda Lien and Ashley Booth.

NARP-funded artistic research project at Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

In the project Pictogram-me we are researching how an investigation of experiences in a difficult daily life with the help of pictograms, can contribute to increased reflection on life’s complexity.

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Re:Place (in Sonozones)

Published exposition (JAR 2015) by Jan Schacher, Cathy van Eck, Trond Lossius and Kirsten Reese.

The researcher Trond Lossius contributed to this exposition from the NARP-funded artstic research project Re:Place at Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

The 'sonozones' project investigates sound art practices in public places through personal and public acts of listening and sounding.

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Again, Again and Again: Music as Site, Situation and Repetition

exposition in progress by Eivind Buene,

former NARP-funded research fellow at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

Again and Again and Again is about new musical works that in various ways integrate historical music as important components.

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exposition in progress by Mattis Kleppen,

former NARP-funded research fellow at Norwegian Univ. of  Science and Technology.

Could there be a fruitful connection between the proud and old tradition of griot´s in West–Africa and one of the worlds youngest and most unfinished instrument, the bassguitar? 

Go to Mattis Kleppens profile page, his presentation 'Bassgriotism' plays directly from there.

Beat the Distance

exposition in progress by Trond Engum,

former NARP-funded research fellow at the Norwegian Univ. of Science and Technology.

The aim of this project has been to investigate new strategies for composing and producing music in my genre using digital sound technology.

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Between Instrument and Everyday Sound

exposition in progress by Ruben Sverre Gjertsen,

former NARP-funded research fellow at the Griegacademy, Univ. of Bergen.

The aim of the project is to explore multidimentional, amorphous and vague expressions arising when many aspects of the music are given more independent roles than in traditional musical writing styles.

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Free Improvisation – Method and Genre

exposition in progess by Michael Duch,

former NARP-funded research fellow at the Norwegian Univ. of Science and Technology.

This project concerns artistic research in Free Improvisation as both a method and what was arguably becoming a genre within Experimental Music in the latter part of the nineteen sixties.

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The Voice and the Machine - and the Voice in the Machine - Now You See Me, Now You Don't

exposition in progress by Tone Åse,

former NARP-funded research fellow at the Norwegian Univ. of Science and Technology.

The basic focus of this project is how the use of live electronics can open up new musical possibilities and roles for the improvising vocalist in the musical interplay.

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"Zum Spielen und zum Tantzen" A Kinaesthetic Exploration of the Bach Cello Suites through Studies in Baroque Choreography

exposition in progress by Tormod Dalen,

former NARP-funded research fellow at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

The aim of the project was to investigate the relationship between dance and instrumental music in the baroque era, through learning and practising baroque dance.

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