Theoretical exploring model x 6

Commoning in design:


Quilting is the term given to the process of joining a minimum of three layers of fabric together either through stitching manually using a needle and thread, or mechanically with a sewing machine or specialised longarm quilting system. An array of stitches is passed through all layers of the fabric to create a three dimensional padded surface. The three layers are typically referred to as the top fabric or quilt top, batting or insulating material and the backing.

Quilting varies from a purely functional fabric joinery technique to highly elaborate, decorative three dimensional surface treatments. A wide variety of textile products are traditionally associated with quilting that includes bed coverings, soft home furnishings, garments and costumes, wall hangings, artistic objects and cultural artefacts.

Materiality in the environment between regional and global on the earth

Virtual reality and its narrativity

Digital materiality


Materials and Logics

Codings as the musters and its narrativity in everyday life between two different continents

The work of art as an artifact(i), or the exhibition as an artifact(i):

What is 'artifact(i)'?

1.  Two exhibitions at the museum Gropius Bau in Berlin in 2022

2. The representational art theory and its changing

3. 'artifact' out of the museum in life

in-put of and out-put of the notion in the art

A historical example:

Das Haus Kundmanngasse by Wittegnsetein

Up to the chapter theoretical exploration model x 5, I have dealt with the topic of "creativity", and from chapter theoretical exploration model x 6 onwards I will deal with the topic of "love".

Dealing with the topic of "love" in the art of human history is a gesture, as it can be understood in painting. It's not a "word" about love. I mean that a sentence of "I love you" does not give us much meaning. A gesture of 'love' gives us meaning profoundly, more than 1000 times the sentence of "I love you".

For example, in the communication with AI, I feel 'love', which is communication by AI of an airline. There is compassion for the logic of artificial intelligence. It's very human rights-friendly and fair. How does AI analyze customer problems in conversations with invisible people? If it exceeds the range of AI, it will shift to human processing.

An important thing is the logic of AI, there is no intention. A huge amount of information, networking stations and experience are imputed into this AI.

Here, what is important is correct information input and information management.

Thereby the "love" of AI is a 'gesture' by AI to analyze the situation and solve the problem fairly.

Ethic and Aesthetic is one:

The Gesture in das Haus Kundmanngasse by Wittegnsetein