Silence surrounds us, silence around us – On creativity in communication (last edited: 2021)

Erika Matsunami

About this exposition

Silence surrounds us, silence around us – On creativity in communication is pre-artistic research for Green x (2022 –). Is language the tool? If it is yes, what kind of tool is the language? Through the language, what can we produce and provide? Thereby, I address the topic of creativity in communication in reading silently, speech, and listening. On creativity in communication is a play to draw models. Thereby the leitmotif is "reading". Critical seeing in a model on reading subjectivity and objectivity at the online artistic representational level, Question for on creativity The research objective(s) is a future idea for physical space and its mobility within virtual space (potentiality) for a new type of idea for notation between tradition and modernity. In this aspect, towards international communication gaps between tradition and modernity, DADA solved the issue of communication and explored a new way of communication, that was not a philosophical metaphor, but rather that consisted of semiotics and semantics in the context of design, was creative. – New visual and auditory codes. Thereby I deal with “Tractatus” - logico of philosophicus, that is a logic of nonsense by Wittgenstein in the theme of space, body and time.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsTransversal aesthetics, Perception, Intuition, Sensibility, Autonomy, Coexistence, Environment, Ageing
last modified28/11/2021
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