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Ambisonics is a full-sphere sound format that allows us to capture or synthesize a sound field and to reproduce it on a speaker array.

Sound files in Ambisonics format can appear in different orders. Lower order formats, such as First Order Ambisonics (FOA), can reproduce less accurate spatial representations of a sound field than high order formats, such as 7th Order Ambisonics (H7OA).

The Ambisonics order is determined by the number of audio channels that compose the sound field, each representing a spherical harmonic. More spherical harmonics result in a higher Spatial Resolution.



Before you start, make sure you check out this list of software and plugins.
Most of them are free and/or opensource and featured in all the examples shown on this page.

The ambisonics workflow is a two stages process




Here you will find a quick tut on how to set up the simplest ambisonics encoding-decoding chain in Reaper using IEM free plugins.

historical background

ambisonics was developed by Michael Gerzon in the 70's, in England.

A thorough documentation of Gerzon's early research has been made available online by Stephen Thornton.

A collection of Gerzon's general articles is instead available at audiosignal.co.uk





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