POWER AMBISONICS (last edited: 2022)

Giuseppe Pisano

About this exposition

This page has the purpose of collecting in one place all the educational material about ambisonics and spatial audio that I have gathered through the years, and to demonstrate specific personal workflow solutions that I have developed in my artistic practice. It was started as an educational tool for my workshop in ambisonics at EMS - Stockholm and is constantly updated.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsSpatial Audio, 3D-Audio, ambisonics, acousmatic music, soundscape, environmental sound, audio recording, music technology, audio perception
last modified18/05/2022
statusin progress
share statuspublic
copyrightGiuseppe Pisano
licenseCC BY-NC-SA

Simple Media

id name copyright license
1418182 Giuseppe Pisano Giuseppe Pisano CC BY-NC-SA
1420395 Ambisonics header2 Giuseppe Pisano All rights reserved
1426511 Octomic CoreAudio All rights reserved
1426548 Rode Røde All rights reserved
1426563 Senn Sennheiser All rights reserved
1426811 corete Core Sound All rights reserved
1427009 neva Nevaton All rights reserved
1634515 Immagine JPEG 3 Giuseppe Pisano CC BY-NC
1634522 Immagine JPEG 3 Giuseppe Pisano CC BY-NC
1634533 Intro 2 Giuseppe Pisano CC BY-NC
1634573 Immagine JPEG 2 Giuseppe Pisano CC BY-NC
1634603 Schermata 2022-05-14 alle 12.54.26 Giuseppe Pisano CC BY-NC
1634619 Immagine JPEG 6 Giuseppe Pisano CC BY-NC
1634626 Immagine JPEG 5 Giuseppe Pisano CC BY-NC
1634868 Immagine JPEG 4 Giuseppe Pisano CC BY-NC-SA
1639431 HRTF Giuseppe Pisano CC BY-NC-SA
1639460 HRTF2 Giuseppe Pisano CC BY-NC-SA
1639477 ITDILD Giuseppe Pisano CC BY-NC-SA
1639487 ITDILD2 Giuseppe Pisano CC BY-NC-SA
1639491 Hearing in space Giuseppe Pisano CC BY-NC-SA
1639504 ITDILDBUona Giuseppe Pisano CC BY-NC-SA
1639526 Distazel Giuseppe Pisano CC BY-NC-SA
1639583 Perception of Distance Giuseppe Pisano CC BY-NC-SA

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