… extends the enactive concept of sense-making into the social domain. It takes as its departure point the process of interaction between individuals in a social encounter. Hanne De Jaegher, who defined the term, argues that the interaction process itself can take on a form of autonomy.

In WITHDRAWING THE PERFORMER participatory sense-making was researched through the practice based exchange between eight  practicioners. The main researchers Charlotta Ruth and Jasmin Schaitl invited Anne Juren, Christian Schröder, Dennis Johnson, Krōōt Juurak, Mariella Greil and Philipp Ehmann to share their participatory practice and approach to facilitation inside 2 one-week long laboratories in May & June 2022. Focusing on four different sub-questions (1) Non-Comfort Zones, (2) Drifting, (3) Non-Trivial Effort, (4) Generative Gaps, the research continued through the 4 Saturday public series in October - November 2022 where the practices were shared in the frame of APL Angewandte Performance Laboratory. The participatory processes were reflected upon in collaboration with neuroscientist Imani Rameses and documented through drawing by Verena Frauenlob. See methodologies and formats.