Project Co-Coordinator:
CHARLOTTA RUTH (SE/AT) works with choreography and ludic collaborative systems. Her work has been presented at, for example, Tanzquartier, Brut, WUK, Brunnenpassage Vienna, MDT, Dansens Hus Stockholm. Ruth teaches internationally and works as a researcher at the University of Applied Arts Vienna where she also completed her PhD in artistic research on the topic of


Project Co-Coordinator:

JASMIN SCHAITL (AT) is a visual artist, performer and researcher. She has presented work in Europe, the UK, Israel, the US, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea. She researches the interrelationships of presence and absence through transdisciplinary work within performance, sculpture, video and photography. She is particularly interested in the intersection of materiality, haptics and memory, within performative, participatory practices.


IMANI RAMSES (US) is a practising dancer, choreographer, and cognitive neuroscientist. She situates her work within a feedback loop of performative experiments and empirical play. She drifts between science and art to investigate anomalous phenomena and their everyday emergence. Rameses has presented work  at Harvard University, University of Zurich, the University of Applied Arts Vienna.