Participants: Motherboard/ Per Platou and Amanda Steggell. With Annesofie Norn, Neptune Sports Diving Club and the people of Husøy, Træna.

Description: Underwater sculpture, Træna, Nordland, Norway. A site-specific Live artwork that investigates the practical and contextual implications of creating an underwater sculpture in which its "true" form is manifested as an image on an echosounder display. Conceptually related to synaesthesia; ultrasound waves generate screen image

Production: July 2005. Motherboard in co-operation with Træna Festival.
Media: Video, 14.28 min

The 8th Sister


Participants: FUNK.CO.UK and Motherboard/ Per Platou and Amanda Steggell.

Description: Collaborative site-specific event in St Mary Magdalene Church and Gardens, Holloway Road, Islington, London. The inner city church hosts a group of asylum seekers. For this event I transformed a plain church window into a lively fresco that shone out at night by projecting video onto the window. Sounds from within the church generate/ animate the imagery.

Production: July 2005. FUNK.CO.UK
Media: Video, 4.36 min 

Imagining St Mary Magdalene


Participants: Composer Ole Henrik Moe. Performed by Sigyn Fossnes, Einar Henning Smebye, Einar Fjærvoll and Amanda Steggell.

Description: Audio-visual performance for the release concert for Sigyn Fossnes’ latest album at the Nowregian Academy of Music, Lindemansalen, Oslo. I originally commissioned Eraser's Edge in collaboration with Ole Henrik Moe in 1995 for a more traditional dance production. However, it took over 10 years to realise. 

Production: October 2005. Produced for Ultima 2005 by Ny Musikk.

Media: Video still/audio from video recording, 5.27 min

Erasure's Edge


Participants: Created and performed by Hauk Heyrdahl, Runar Hodne, Annesofie Norn, Per Platou and Amanda Steggell with original text by Jon Erik Riley.

Description: Theatre production at Grusomhetens Teater, Scene, Oslo.

For this monologue I designed the live video set-up involving 4 cameras and monitors, the sound-controlled lighting system and the aroma design in a manner that allowed us to improvise with combinations of these elements in relation to the text.

Production: December 2005. Motherboard.

Media: Photo, aroma system.



Participants: Motherboard/ Per Platou and Amanda Steggell. Tibetan bells, Geir Jenssen/ Biosphere. Flower construction, Aslak Nygren.

Description: A kinetic/synaesthetic installation inspired by first-hand experience of the blooming in Death Valley, Califronia, for Galleri F15's jubilee exhibition Prosjektrom 93 06.

Production: May 2006. Motherboard in co-operation with Galleri F15, Moss, Norway.

Media: Video, 3.25 min


In Death Valley ....