All too often we imagine dialogue as a language-based practice, rooted in semantic exchange fraught with hegemonic power relations and assumptions. This one-day event departs from traditional ideas of dialogue and asks how we can think about dialogue differently, opening up alternate routes of listening, engaging, being and becoming with others across degrees of difference.

DIALOGUE IN CREATIVE PRACTICE features conversations with the creators of four diverse artistic projects that place dialogue at the centre of their process. Through exploring dialogue and alternative forms of listening with other voices, buildings, water, land and animals, we will ask how we might be accountable to live together less violently?



DATE:                  4th May 2022

VENUE:               zoom

TIME:                   09:00 a.m. – 16:15 p.m. I BST

ACCESSIBILITY: Films will be subtitled
                             Conversations will be live captioned


               Please book via eventbrite

               Tickets are free

                  © spaes: lab for spatial aesthetics in sound Berlin

                     Supported by AHRC techne DTP


Dialogue as a creative process of listening to others opens up alternative knowledge rooted in receptivity, feeling and materiality.
Is it possible to engage in a dialogue that is open, ethically oriented and reciprocal? What power relations emerge from these creative dialogue practices? Are we brave enough to enter into those spaces, to inhabit and even become them in order to listen deeper? What do we need to let go of in order to hear the other? What–or how–do we become in the creative dynamic of dialogue and listening?

Join us for a series of conversations on dialogue with