Artistic Research
Spring Forum 2022

The Artistic Research Spring Forum takes place 14-16 March 2022. The forum is a digital event and free to join, but you need to register.

The Artistic Research Forum (ARF) was established by the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme as a yearly conference to promote the understanding of artistic research from a national and international perspective.

At the Artistic Research Spring Forum 2022, there will be both presentations of projects supported by the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme, as well as presentations of Norwegian PhD projects. The Artistic Research Spring Forum brings together research fellows from different institutions, fields and intake years. The forum is an important arena for a constructive critical dialogue with the interdisciplinary national and international artistic research community.

Quick overview of the program 

Please be aware that the order of the presentations might change. 

Photo on the opening page: 'Piano Piece' by composer Kristine Tjøgersen; performed by Associate Professor Ellen Ugelvik, The Norwegian Academy of Music. Other photos: Artistic Research Forums 2018-2021 (photos: Linda Lien)