Reconfiguring the Landscape - Subliminal Throwback

3-D audio, site-specific sound installation. June 24th-26th, 2021

Outdoor sound penetrates our conscious and subconscious sensations. Much of it we ignore, its qualities too quiet, fleeting or mundane to pay heed to amidst our other thoughts and activities. Yet amongst what is hidden can be found curious qualities of space, source, action and response, all of which are on our own doorstep. “Subliminal Throwback” reveals this living space in a 3-D audio, site-specific sound installation. Hidden qualities from the seemingly empty winter sound-scape are pulled to the fore and juxtaposed with the present time of June, manoeuvring our listening so we can hear. The sound is low volume and designed in keeping with what already exists.

Natasha Barrett, 2021/2022