To answer my questions and achieve my aims about how I can play tango music in a traditional way with German bow, I will work with a method published by Tango sin fin of how to play tango music called The Bass in Tango2 by Ignacio Varchausky. This book is also accompanied with videos and audios where they explain step by step througt all of the elements about how to play tango and how is the role of the bass in this music. Althought all of the information is approched from French bow, so I will study with this book  and comparate the two tecniques to understand what are the differents between them and how I can approch it from German bow. Also, watching videos, listening to music and reading about the history will be  a really important part because all of those elements are necesaries to to know beyond the tecnique how and why the sound of the double bass should be in a certain way.


Finally I am goin to work and apply all my discoveries playing two pieces. In the final exam of the first year a piece called Kicho by Astor Piazzolla, and for the final examen of the second year I am going to play De tal palo by L. Federico.