Research Proces Phasing


To give an overview, this is the proces phasing as I performed it in the last two years. Alle these activities were somehow related to this research: discovering new repertoire, testing repertoire, developing singing games with known songs, etc. In this paper I have decided to not describe every activity but to concentrate on some of them.



  • collecting Dutch and International song books, especially concerning singing games and (folk) dances
  • creating a song-database with relevant song analysis especially related to eduactional goals
    (rhythmical patterns, melodic patterns)
  • creating a canon-database with analysis of rhythm patterns for rhythmical education in the Jong KC junior and
    Higher Professional Music Education
  • testing material in the different fields of my teaching
  • organizing a dance-workshop with a specialist to discover new material concerning singing and movement
  • visit to the Meertens Institute in Amsterdam to research also historical sources and ‘forgotten’ repertoire
  • study tour to the National Youth Choir of Scotland, Glasgow
  • Kodály Masterclasses at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague


  • basically the same work as in 2013-14
  • Meertens Institute: researching the song-collection of J.L.L. Heesbeen (friar Remigius)
  • study tour to Budapest, Hungary
  • working as music teacher at the elementary school ‘De Leeuwerikhoeve’
    for further testing of material in group 3 and 4 (age 6-8)