a trip to the grocery

Imani Rameses & Celine Kopp

Your morning routine probably consists of waking up, heading to the loo, washing your hands, face, and teeth, then proceeding to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. You’ll repeat this routine tomorrow but this time, I invite you to perform blindfolded. How often are daily mundanities interrupted or challenged by resuspension of sensory perception? Instead, we are socially spoonfed sensory experiences, resulting in “pacified perceptions”.

When one’s sensory perceptions (including of oneself, and of others) are temporarily resuspended, one may experience RODs “reflexes of discomfort”. Hence, I invite participants to join me as I employ the MaRuMa Method, to attend to subtleties offered every day as fertile and plentiful fodder for a shared performative practice: a trip to the grocery.