Imani Rameses

Austria, United States (residence)
research interests: Neuroaesthetics, phenomenlogy, emotional communication, Choreographic Research, consciousness, interdisciplinarity, philosophy, neuroscience, psychogeography
affiliation: University of Vienna

With her academic focus in cognitive neuroscience, Rameses has found herself merging her world of scientific practices with the artist freedoms of dance. Now she focuses on utilizing various cognitive emotion paradigms to investigate why and how we move. Rameses utilizes the arts as a vehicle to guide her and her dancers into a more empathic domain for more productive and authentic potentials for sharing of one’s mind through one’s body. 

December of 2017 Rameses and collaborator Flow Pizana to organized the first Mindful Movers Intensive, focusing on the execution of a new choreographic technique.  In May 2018 Rameses and Pizana hosted two more Mindful Movers Intensives. The three intensives resulted in a June 2018 production DEIXIS. Rameses was then invited to present her work of the Mindful Movers at the Movement Conference at Harvard University in July 2018. October 2018 Rameses started the Movement Collective SP a CE, with their first movement exercise, Surgeon. In December of 2018, Rameses and Pizana hosted the fourth Mindful Movers Intensive with another resulting performance of DEIXIS REloaded.


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