Artistic Research Forum - a long story

The Artistic Research Forum (ARF) was established by the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme as a yearly conference to promote the understanding of artistic research from a national and international perspective.


Artistic Research Spring Forum 2022 was a digital event. 3 project leaders and 27 fellows did present their projects. There was also a presentation of the graduate survey A door opener in the arts field and the Erasmus+-project Advancing Supervision for Artistic Research DoctoratesVIS - Nordic Journal of Artistic Research released #7 Metamorphoses – Tales of the Ever-Changing.


Artistic Research Autumn Forum 2021 took place in Trondheim and digitally and was hosted by NTNU.

Artistic Research Spring Forum 2021 was a digital event. 


Artistic Research Autumn Forum 2020 took place in Trondheim and digitally and was hosted by NTNU. The physical event was scaled down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Artistic Research Spring Forum 2020 was planned to take place at Klækken outside Hønefoss, but was cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The event was organized as smaller seminars local at each of the participating institutions. 


Artistic Research Autumn Forum 2019 took place at Lillehammer and was hosted by the Norwegian Film School, Inland Norway University of Applied Science.


Artistic Research Spring Forum 2019 took place at Klækken outside Hønefoss.