Digital Fashion & NFTs as a sustainable option in fashion & music production

I made a video collection about digital fashion and digital concerts around this theme.Of course, for me, the reason I put the clips of the digital concert is that the concerts in modern society are inseparable from the influence of fashion, and future fashion can reflect on the aesthetics and better development of future fashion through the online concerts of some modern musicians.

Here’s the question I’m struggling with when I’m new to digital fashion: The fashion industry has been very developed in today’s society. How can this kind of thing continue to occupy a place in the fashion industry?

"Digital drive is the general trend in the business world.For our fashion industry, digital fashion will be driven by data. " [1]This sentence is not unfamiliar in life, and almost everyone who is doing digital fashion will say such words. But why?Because at a time when the lines between the Internet and reality are becoming increasingly blurred, digital fashion has become an unstoppable trend. As far as I know, in China’s fashion brand concept, if the brand does not have fashion digitalization, it is an outdated brand.From what I see, digital transformation is not about technology, but about strategy and new ways of thinking. Therefore, digital transformation in the fashion industry is no longer a multiple-choice question, but a survival question.

I once saw a student studying digital fashion describe the aesthetic of digital fashion this way: "Art appreciation in the digital age permeates everyday life while affecting traditional art appreciation. A work of art is not only a physical existence, but also a digital virtual existence that increases the aesthetic possibilities. " [2] This passage has made me think for a long time. I think digital fashion and digital art have already permeated every corner of my life. Especially for gamers like me, it is obvious that the very good games and their designers are great artists at this stage.The saying that fashion is art is not unfamiliar, but fashion in games is also modern art in the true sense.

I chatted with a friend of mine in Beijing who has been making clothing for many years about digital fashion. Her name is Liang Tao, and because I was new to digital fashion and was curious, I asked her for advice.I asked her why do you use fashion 3d modeling software to make clothes?She said it was because of reducing waste and being environmentally friendly.In the process of making garments, especially for custom-made garments, we used to use white calico to make samples first, and then re-type and revise the inappropriate places. During this period, a lot of resources will be wasted.Anyone who has studied fashion knows that basically all samples made need to be modified.But as long as you use a clothing digital simulation software such as 3D CLO, you can see the effect of the final product without wasting any material and you can modify it directly on the software.

Digital fashion is in line with the current usage habits of people who demand “everyday attire”.A quick search of the popular Instagram hashtag #ootd finds over 350 million posts.There are a lot of consumers who buy clothing that costs thousands of dollars just to show it off on social media once.

Everyone in the basic fashion circle knows that fashion pollution and waste is a very big problem.It “contributes” more to the climate than the annual emissions from air and sea travel combined.If trends continue, it has the potential to account for a quarter of the world’s carbon budget by 2050.Even if the fashion industry recycles plastic bottles or produces organic cotton, it uses far more water and is still more wasteful than digital.And virtual fashion does not require transportation, does not need to hire photographers, does not require real models and fabrics, Reducing the budget I don’t know, but it can greatly reduce waste.

What would I do if I came to be a digital fashion brand?

Second, I was inspired by NFTs: no shipping, no waste, no gender, no size.First of all, as a modern person wandering between pragmatism and the Internet, before the world has developed into a state of complete NFT, I will be half physical fashion and half digital fashion.I think I will use this method to create the concept of digital fashion。

In reality, there are some imaginative shapes that are difficult to create with realistic technology,or will not be perfectly created.At this time, digital fashion is a good choice.You can also combine some “glass” fashion textures or various seaweed and Mars moon textures to design, of course, this is just an example I cite.

Text Footnotes:

[1] From “Blood”, Xiaohongshu. [2] From “Blood”, Xiaohongshu.

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