The project B.O.D.Y. the special issue with the Dark Gallery, Copenhagen


B.O.D.Y. - the second skin for the collective exhibition SKIN with Andreas Olesen and

Kim Wyon at Dark Gallery, Copenhagen, June–August 2023

Skin as a bodily organ

It is a transmission to the brain via neurons. As an artistic representational theory, I explore it mechanically presenting that delicacy and structural complexity analogically.

In doing so, I work on artistic intervention in the interior architecture of the gallery space. There are two representational spaces which consist of spatiality between black&white analogue photographs (images) and storytelling.

One is a genderless bathroom is a private space for everybody in common (a shared space in the interior architecture). Thereby the represented images (prints)–on each image with a sentence–a meta-epistemological work in this space. (I design the bathroom (shower+toilet) as a representative space in a collective of imaginative skin.)

The second one is a dark space for a spatial installed with the carousel slide projector, which is for the B/W slide (copy), and it is a closed space. The original B/W bodily images will be projected on a mounted screen on the wall slowly. In the dark room, I represent two photographs on paper Silver Gelatine Prints.

Whole artworks and each artwork in both spaces are communicated with storytelling online interactivity (virtually and on-site physically).

The dark gallery aims to present the procedure and deal with the materiality of each topic, which is not manipulated.

 Thereby, the research objective is a representational sentence with two contrasting physical spaces and a virtual space for meta-epistemological representation without scenario. (spatial aesthetic in transversal aestehtics)

The photographs in the bathroom: I will represent another series in the same project B.O.D.Y.  in the bathroom.
I have the project B.O.D.Y. between 2000–2003 with the colour film which was with cross-development.

My artistic challenge is a special issue for this collective exhibition SKIN, what will we transform and how?

In the post-conceptual era, we (humans) don't have to worry about who can make things better than whom. And we (humans) don't have to worry about the necessity of higher value than computers or robots. We (humans) don't have to fight and scramble with other people or other races. A country that maintains a dogmatic concept or people will set up a battle and a competition.

It's an era to explore the essence, that does not about the mass, but rather quantum. The exploration in Psychology also ascribes to neurons, their relationships, and so on.

Realism and Anti-realism:

On Experimental photography cross-disciplinary


I don't mean anything in this case as If a realist says "The humanities are such a high-quality picture, just like the artist, a picture should be like that." philosophically, that is the same as if an anti-realist says against the ideology of realism.


We cannot say that it is "natural" as we see it.

How we can learn about skin, for example,  through the pigment of the skin. There is no difference between black- and white skin in science–skin is skin–but how the pigment of skin* is different individually, is a question.

*Melanin is a natural pigment that gives your skin its colour. It's produced in cells called melanocytes.

In scientific research, there is a method of 'contrast'.

Example: IMR of the brain uses a contrast agent.

Seeing is a very complicated definition, with nothing to explain about 'nature'.  That was the limitation of metaphysics.

My artistic approach in the collective exhibition SKIN in the Dark Gallery is to develop a meta-epistemological as an artistic method, which addresses an investigation of 'semi-formalism' in the arts, whereby connections that are as open as possible are created for everyone.

Here, setting up an object on the wall to project the slide film defines that the reflection of light is projection, not projecting an object on the wall. The general perception of the projection is "that is projecting an object and its event on the wall.".

In other words, if one takes a picture of an apple, and shows one's picture "This is an apple and is a sweet one." is not epistemological, as well is no evidence of an apple, that is (was) sweet. It might be possible to leave an apple, that is (was) a sweet one in one's memory or one's assumption. In science, those are defined clearly.

What and how will three artists transform in the collective exhibition SKIN?

Storytelling is barrier-free.

on skin sensation

for perception, and through perception, skin as nature

- A dialogue with Richard Wolheim

Current artistic research:

a.o.i. - lasting memories


– For an artistic account of aesthetic and logic